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[General] what a moderator can and cant do, read it or fail

Post Last Edit by doblefilo at 2011-4-25 02:56

so i became a forum moderator
all i can do is move/delete/stick(you get the idea?) posts in the forum
i cant fix the game or ban ppl from it
just forum
so i will try to keep the forum as less chaotic as possible
if you dont agree with a warning/ban given by a mod, you can complain with the smod

i dont close threads or ban ppl a lot, because i believe in discussion as the solution to problems. and thats why in my opinion banning or deleting posts does not helps always, sometimes someone just will start to do unreasonable stuff, thats when discussion ends

and in case ur wondering
im not part of playcomet so im not being payed with real money or matrix
but i received 300 tokens in 4/15/2011
(may my PM box RIP lol)
update i just remembered one very helpfull sentence i see in every game
"mods will never ask for your user and/or password report asap any message like the mentioned"
game guide  HERE
forum or game problems? pm super mod jeremywu or jennifer517

forum problems? pm mods
amirite or doblefilo
this is what mods can do
playing only S2

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