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[News] WW2 Players

Are we now done?? for a month now servers have had more issues than normal and now today noone can even access game at all on any server, per u cant even get to server page. Know its not one of the kewlest games in the world and theres been issues for 2yrs now, but ppl still play and enjoy not only chating with other players but just playing. So, thought id say hello and BITCH abit and let ya'll know its not u...LOL its all of us that cant get into game 2day. Friday jan23, 2015. DOnt c y they cant maintain servers or even keep afew of em goin...LOL, as long as its the 3 I play!!
Leprechaun, skyquinn99. POUT--

and of course now that, thats fixed the 40s down AGAIN.


and 40s still down
been what a week and im sure my milt died.
comes up axis/ally pg.
was also informed if u dont log outta server pg u can still access the other servers that do work when the game does that stupid cant find server thing when u try to access ww2. leavin u unable to access any part of the game/any server. guess were bout done.


This was the best Game ever  miss it


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