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[Help] To Everyone Who Complains About Abuse- READ THIS INFO

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I have been scanning the forum and many of the posts are about abuse on servers. I will not mention names, it doesn't happen to me but i have been viciously bullied and cyberbullied in the past. I took my case beyond national law when i got no response from local law enforcement and I went straight to The European Court of Justice. I won that case and secured prison sentences for all my old bullies. If you feel u are being abused, here are some important facts.

If you're in the US, its actually an amendment to the US Constitution to prevent bullying and harrasment, also part of the Article on Human Rights. If you're Europe, incidents like this can be taken to the European Court of Justice, and if you're anywhere else, it can go to the United Nations Courts.

Believe me, if you are discovered as bullies or found guilty of harrassment, with the comments i have seen, you may end up with five years in prison or juvenile correctional facilities, like the ppl who bullied me. I would stop now if you are doing it. Everyone who is genuinely being harrassed or bullied on this game, don't suffer in silence. the moderators can't help, and the local law enforcement don't have the resources. Take it to the highest level possible if no action is taken at national level. Hope this helps.

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