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[News] Halloween Event: Scream!!!

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Duration: Oct, 28th 01:00 – Nov, 01st 22:00

During the event time, you could share the ghost stories which you have heard or your personal experiences in the forum. Then you will obtain the following rewards: VIP(1 day) *1, Engineer Vehicle(1 day)*1 and Glass Badge*1. The timid do not enter!


1. Please write your character name and server in the post.

2. The stories cannot be repeated and each player can get the rewards only once in each server.

3. The rewards will be sent in Attachment within 3 working days after the event is over.

You may reply the post like this:

Server: XX
Ingame Name: XXX
My Story: xxxxxxxxxx

Reply 1# terrywang1276

    Ingame Name: Uncle_Sam
    Fun With the Dead

For a fourteen year old girl, sleepovers are better than Christmas. Penelope Kniffen was no exception to this rule. She and several of her friends plotted the sleepover between classes, standing by their lockers with their notebooks clasped to their chests.

When the doorbell began to ring, Penny assured her mother that she could answer it. "Take Dad and go!" she said, shooing them out on their Friday night date. This was the first time Penny was allowed to stay home alone with friends, and she didn't want it spoiled by her parents' presence.

Her mother and father nodded to red-headed Brinn Henricks, who tucked something closer to her under her arm and gave them a thoroughly fake smile. Once their car disappeared from the driveway, Brinn grabbed Penny's hand.

"I brought a Ouija board! So we can have fun with the dead."

Penny's face fell. She was afraid to even touch the letter-finder part, and wanted Brinn to get rid of it. But soon Esmerelda and Amie arrived, and persuaded her to play. We'll have a good time, their voices echoed in unison in Penny's mind as they began to ask questions.

"Does Matty Dunworth have a crush on me?" Brinn asked the board.

"Ewww, gross, that's my brother!" Esmerelda squealed, as the letters spelled out, "FAT CHANCE." The girls all fell into a giggling fit, and even Penny relaxed a little.

"Your turn, Penny," Amie said.

Penny froze. "I -- I can't."

"Come on, Penny. We've all asked questions. It's just a Ouija board," Brinn said. She made a face at Penny. "Chicken."

As their catcalls filled Penny's ears, she felt her resolve weaken. She leaned over the board, her mind racing. She already knew that her crush didn't like her, and her grades were bad; she wasn't getting any A's this semester. Then it hit her: the horse her father had given her for her eleventh birthday, which had come down with a crippling disease just two years later.

"Sultan," she said, even the name evoking a ghost of a white stallion in her mind, "are you in the other world?"

Her friends grew hushed and they held their breath, waiting for a reply. The living room clock ticked once, twice, three times, four times.


Penny sighed, partly with relief and partly with disappointment, and sat back. She opened her mouth to say something, but suddenly, the faintest sound of hoofbeats came from the front yard. Brinn's jaw dropped.

"Was that...a horse?"

Amie scrambled to her feet and peeked through the curtains. Her face fell. "I don't...see anything..."
As if from a distance, Penny heard a familiar neighing. She jumped to her feet. "Shhhh! I heard something!"

The whinny came again, and they all nodded, faces white. "I heard it, too," Esmerelda said.

Then Penny flew backwards across the room, the right side of her rib cage exploding into a pain so sharp, she thought she would collapse inward. Her friends all screeched, and Brinn dove for her cell phone, frantically trying to dial numbers through her tears.

"Hello? Mr. Kniffen? Please, please come home...something's happening to Penny..." Brinn screamed again, then yelled into her phone, "Hurry!"

Penny lay, the only movement on her body her fast, shallow breathing. The girls couldn't even move until the screech of tires in the driveway and heavy footsteps on the stoop heralded Penny's parents' arrival.

The sleepy doctor in the emergency room came awake when he examined the bruise on Penny's rib cage. It was the size and shape of a horseshoe, gray-black and eight inches tall.

For a 45-year-old woman, the sleepover is a distant memory. But on Penelope Kniffen's wrinkling skin, with no pain but still as dark as ever, the horseshoe bruise always reminds her, and sometimes she can hear Sultan's whinny from far away.


Server: S1 Berlin
Ingame Name: Hasagawa
My Story: The School's Backyard

It all begins when I was in Primary where one early morning, me and my friend went to the back of a school yard to check on our small garden project. The school yard was a small hill-like area,cover only with red mud and was kinda isolated as no one knew of the place back then, except our teacher and a handful of friends.

As we were checking on the garden, without a trace or sound we saw an old man sitting right up at the far end corner of the area (the whole place was a forest back then with just a small piece of land being cleared).

All white from head to toe, where his hair cover his entire face, with an old bicycle beside him (unknown to how he can get the bicycle up the corner as its a steep slope although it is a short distance with no passageway to went up), sitting like he was waiting for someone.

As for us, young, know nothing to do...we scrammed down to the nearest pathway where it will led us to our classroom...

But a few minutes later, we went back up to check on our horror,he disappear, without a trace (including the bicycle too). We search for bicycle tracks but to no avail. Spook as we are, we run down again...

Following a few weeks after that, our teacher took our class back to the muddy hill for a small exploration...where he guide us into a small and narrow passageway in the forest which connect the hill to a residence nearby. The passageway was slippery and the slope was steep and by looking down, it is a long way down.

Noises and fear spring up as we were halfway of the what I saw, right down the slope, a hand was sticking out of the bushes...with no movement...lifeless, and right a meter away...lies an old bicycle...damaged...

To my horror...the old man from before,spring up in my mind...

A day or two...newspaper report of an old man passed away as to fallen down from the slope...after the incident...the passageway was hardly use...but to what extent we will not know...


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Server: S1 Berlin
Ingame Name: R3AP3R
My Storyld shiver         
There were just the twenty of us—OVERLORD. The only other enemy we had was a spender -- old shiver. overlord never talked about old shiver, and we never visited him, though, because old shiver was a witch.

Naturally I was very curious to see old shiver, and eventually, I worked up enough courage to ask R3AP3R if I could visit him. R3AP3R turned pale and for a long moment didn’t speak.

“I cannot allow you to go,” R3AP3R said. “No army has ever returned from that base except roadkill911.”

I didn’t say anything more that day. But every day after that, I continued to ask R3AP3R if I could visit. Finally, R3AP3R finally gave in. “I’ll leave the T34 Main Battle Tank IIIs out tonight,” he told me when I left. “If something goes wrong at old shiver’s base, whistle for them and they will reinforce you.”

I left the base and after one hour, I came up to old shiver’s base. He was a standing outside waiting for me, a bent old man with white hair and wicked black eyes.

“So, you have come at last to visit your old nemisis,” he said. Something in his tone gave me goose bumps. old shiver beckoned, and I walked through the gate and met old shiver in front of his base. His smile gave me chills and made me want to retreat. Then he called his teammate,avenger to come and meet me and sent us into the back pasture to battle. I didn’t like old shiver’s teammate. He was very rough and seemed to liked hurting me.

After supper, old shiver sent us to bed in alliance war. He put His teammate in one tower, covered with a dark sheet. Then she put me into the other tower and covered it with a white sheet. The difference in the sheets made me nervous. I knew I had to get out of that base right away or be killed.

As soon as old shiver’s teammate fell asleep, I sat up in bed and told old shiver I need music to help me sleep . I asked him if I could play the the fiddle which hung over the mantelpiece. old shiver took the fiddle down from its place over the mantelpiece and gave it to me, and I played Devil went down to Georgia's base until he fell asleep. Then, I removed the dark sheet from the sleeping teammate and covered him with the white sheet before placing the dark sheet over a several bundles I tucked into on my own tower. When I finished, I snuck down the stairs and out the door into the moonlight.

As soon as I was out of sight of the base, I ran for my base as fast as I could go. It was not long before I heard a shriek of rage and horror coming from the base. old shiver had taken his A6M Zero III planes and killed his teammate under the white sheet. I knew he would come after me now!

I ran even faster when I heard old shiver coming behind me. “He’s found me,” I thought. Knowing I’d never make it my base ahead of the witch, I used fast retreat as fast as I could and gave the emergency whistle for my reinforcements. I hoped with all my heart that R3AP3R had turned the T34 Main Battle Tank IIIs loose. It was my only chance.

old shiver approached my base with his A6M Zero III phalanx, and I tensed, wondering if I could move into another base. But it was too far away, and using the last of my gold would be fatal. My whole body started to shake then, as I felt old shiver's planes blast into my base defenses all around me.

Then I heard the thunder of tanks. They came rolling up the road and attacked old shiver. A terrible fight ensued. old shiver riddled bullets at the T34 Main Battle Tank III with the A6M Zero III. One, two, three tanks exploding into fireballs, dead. Furious, I was shouting and cursing old shiver just as ratmon, the secratary, saw her chance and leapt upon the old witch shiver, tearing out his throat. old shiver flailed about for a moment longer, then died.

R3AP3R and I went back the next day and buried old shiver and his teammate. We told the legions that the whole alliance had died of food shortage. I think the whole server was relieved that that the evil witch was  gone for good.


Server : S1 Berlin
In Game Name : Rampage
My Creepy house

It happened when I was 14 years old. During those times, I
am tired due to the intramurals that our school have made.
I rested and slept that night on the upper part of my 2
storey bed. As I slept, I suddenly felt something cold in
my abdomen. As I slightly woke up, my eyes are still heavy
but it kinda opened a little bit.

There it was! I saw a dark figure of a woman atop of me
looking to the left! She was dark like a shadow but it
looks so solid. She was dimly illuminated by my night
light enough to conceil her image. Well, a 14 year old
would naturally get scared and if one sees that horrifying
thing. But I didn't scream. Instead, I continue on with my

Second story, it happened when I was 18 years old. It's
kind of a very short sight but still, it creeps me out as
I remember those things. I was at the terrace of our
house. My parent's room was lighted because the lights was
on. I was near the window and as I passed by to pick up
something, to my peripheral view of the left side, inside
my parents room, stood a Black Lady with a veil covering
her face. It was a quick sight because I picked up
something and as I looked directly to that place... the
image was Gone!!


In Game. HP_HP
Server.    S1

It was a cool October and my parents had just dropped me off at my aunt's house in a small town outside of Beaumont.  My grandfather had turned for the worse.  His illness was serious and he had been taken to the hospital.  My parents were driving all lthe way to Mexico to see him.   Although I begged to go with them, they said that with the severity of grandpa's illness, they might be gone for several days.  I was disappointed and tried to make the best of the situation.  My aunt was elderly  and had no children.   I was 15 years old and thought they should have left me alone at home.  "I'm old enough to take care of myself," I grumbled.  But I didn't argue with my parents.  My father was already worried about his dad and both had a lot on their minds as they drove away.

What was I going to do here?  It was Friday night.  My aunt must have seen me sulk and suggested I walk to town.  "There are things to do there and it's just a few blocks away. You might find some kids your age."  After I settled in, I took her suggestion.  The town was quaint and there was more activity but not much.  I was curious and began to check out the town.  The early evening  was crisp and I headed past shops and toward the plaza.  The park was pretty but except for some small kids playing soccer, and a few lovers walking by, there wasn't too much going on.  I started to walk towards the football stadium.  I could see the old building in the distance.  Maybe there was a game going on.   After several blocks, I noticed it had gotten dark.  I had walked several blocks and I could hear the cadence of drums.  "A football game!" The stadium stood on the hill like a giant.  As I got closer, I could hear the roar of people.  It sounded like a packed stadium.  The marching band in the stands played loudly.   I could tell  the game had already started. The crowds cheered wildly.   Except for the stadium lights, the surroundings were pretty dark.  There were n't any street lights.  But  I was excited.  It sounded like a good game and I could be around kids my age.  I rushed toward the entrance.  On the south side of the stadium at the top of the ramp, I saw a crevice.  I peered my head inside.  

Suddenly, without warning, the stadium lights shut off.  The crowd went silent.  I was standing at the stadium by myself in complete darkness!  What happened?  I looked around.  There was no one there.  

I couldn't have imagined the sounds or the lights.  Where did everybody go?   I couldn't have been hallucinating.   I was completely bewildered.  I must have stared at the stadium for several minutes.  I reluctantly made my way back to my aunt's house.  I told her I had gone into town to check the sights.  "Auntie, was there a game at the stadium?"   She looked at me funny.  " Oh no.  Ever since that terrible accident, several years ago,  nobody's used the stadium."  She explained It was a championship game and  the football players from a neighboring town had won the game.  But on the way back to their school, it stormed that night and the bus crashed near the bridge.  "All the players were killed. As a matter of fact, tonight is the anniversary of that tragic event."  

What had I experienced? Had I walked into another dimension?  I clearly heard people cheering.  There was definitely a football game going on.  Or had I heard the ghosts of a football team that had returned to relive their last moments?


Ingame: TheBat95
Server: S1
Story: The Houston Bat

Every year starting on Halloween night and extending through Christmas Eve the Houston the Houston Bat comes from the night to destroy the city from which it came. The only thing you hear is "I am the Bat" then a dark shadow darts across the sky as the chill of a knife goes into your back. His kills are random his victims are defenseless for the Bat does not care whom you are or what you've done. Then as you sleep he creeps through a suburban neighborhood where you sleep................You'll wake up with him looking down on you from the ceiling then like a badger he tears you apart and leaves nothing to bury. Beware for he is everywhere. He manages your securities and retirement funds like Bernie Madoff, He cheats on his wife like Tiger Woods, He parties like Charlie Sheen, and he'll kill you like O.J. Simpson. He preys on the innocent and weak. He is THE BAT.


Reply 1# terrywang1276

server: s1 berlin
ingame name: porn
story: Dancing with the Devil

The girl hurried through her schoolwork as fast as she could. It was the night of the high school dance, along about 70 years ago in the town of Kingsville, Texas. The girl was so excited about the dance. She had bought a brand new, sparkly red dress for the dance. She knew she looked smashing in it. It was going to be the best evening of her life.

Then her mother came in the house, looking pale and determined.

"You are not going to that dance," her mother said.

"But why?" the girl asked her mother.

"I've just been talking to the preacher. He says the dance is going to be for the devil. You are absolutely forbidden to go," her mother said.

The girl nodded as if she accepted her mother's words. But she was determined to go to the dance. As soon as her mother was busy, she put on her brand new red dress and ran down to the K.C. Hall where the dance was being held.

As soon as she walked into the room, all the guys turned to look at her. She was startled by all the attention. Normally, no one noticed her. Her mother sometimes accused her of being too awkward to get a boyfriend. But she was not awkward that night. The boys in her class were fighting with each other to dance with her.

Later, she broke away from the crowd and went to the table to get some punch to drink. She heard a sudden hush. The music stopped. When she turned, she saw a handsome man with jet black hair and clothes standing next to her.

"Dance with me," he said.

She managed to stammer a "yes", completely stunned by this gorgeous man. He led her out on the dance floor. The music sprang up at once. She found herself dancing better than she had ever danced before. They were the center of attention.

Then the man spun her around and around. She gasped for breath, trying to step out of the spin. But he spun her faster and faster. Her feet felt hot. The floor seemed to melt under her. He spun her even faster. She was spinning so fast that a cloud of dust flew up around them both so that they were hidden from the crowd.

When the dust settled, the girl was gone. The man in black bowed once to the crowd and disappeared. The devil had come to his party and he had spun the girl all the way to hell.


Reply 1# terrywang1276

server: s1 berlin
Ingame name: porn
story: Ghost Pilots of Times Square

He had just graduated from Harvard University and was living in Manhattan. He loved the city and was beginning to feel at home on its streets. World War II was raging in Europe, and like all other good citizens, he followed the headlines daily and did his part for the boys overseas.

Hugging his jacket close, he stood shivering at the corner, waiting for the light to change and wondering where his enlisted friends might be staying on that cold winter night. He hoped they were safe. He shivered, only partially from the cold, and looked around him at the bright lights of Times Square. He never tired of this glittering scene.

His eye was caught by two men who were dressed in the uniforms of the Royal Air Force of England. They must be on leave, he thought. The men stopped beside him, glanced quickly at their watches, and then nodded and grinned at him. The taller of the two asked him, in the clipped accent of the British, if this was Times Square. He suppressed a smile at such a touristy question and said that it was.

The light changed, and the two RAF pilots fell into step with the Harvard graduate as he crossed the street. The three men fell into conversation together as they meandered along the shining streets. The Brits were thrilled to be in Times Square after all they had suffered in the war. They didn't go into detail about their wartime experiences, and he didn't press them. He just enjoyed their pleasure in the scene, which was marred only by the frequent checking of their watches. Finally, he asked if they had someplace to be, but they said they were free for the evening. He promptly invited them to have dinner with him at the Harvard Club, and the RAF pilots accepted with alacrity.

The three men repaired immediately to the Harvard Club, where they dined leisurely and chatted late into the evening. The RAF pilots were good company and told many stories, although they glossed over their experiences in the war. They continued to check their watches frequently throughout the night, but he decided it was just a nervous habit they had picked up somewhere - possibly in the air force.

As midnight approached, the two RAF pilots excused themselves are rose from the table. They thanked the Harvard man for a memorable evening and started for the door. Then the tall pilot turned back and told their host that they had always wanted to visit Times Square, but never had the opportunity. It was strange, the pilot added, that they had to wait until after they were dead - killed in action when their planes were shot down the night before over Berlin - to fulfill this dream.

The Harvard man stiffened, his eyes widening incredulously and his mouth falling open in shock. He gasped but could not speak. The phantom RAF pilot smiled sardonically at him, nodded, and joined his friend in the doorway. Then the pilots vanished before the astonished man's eyes, just at the stroke of twelve midnight.


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