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cool can I create guild with 200 (gil)


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No it costs 100 gold to create a guild. Then they give you 200 gil for having created a guild.


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How do I get guild 'Reputation'?
Guild reputation and guild fame are the same

How do I get guild 'Fame'?
By winning Guild Wars and/or using your Slave to create fame for the guild (done after initially capturing a slave using the 'Torture' effect)

How do I Attack another guild or Defend my own?
In town, click on the 'Adventurer' building and under the 'Operation' column you have three options: Atk (Attack) / Def (Defend) / Wander* (Spectate). Click on whichever option is available to you (NOTE: You cannot attack a guild that is allied with yours). Notice where it says "Entrance to other guilds today: 0/5"? That means you're able to enter a Guild War up to five times a day -- ten if you're a VIP player (*NOTE: The 'Wander' operation eats up an entry)


can someone please break down the attibutes list for me?  Like how to calculate which would be better, adding +4 con vs +4 str.  some people are able to tell me that +4 str only add so many hit points, and +4 con will allow me an extra chance to hit, etc.
Is there a simple list, +1 def adds __% to your def total, +1 str adds ___ to yor attack, so forth and so on.
Thank you in advance, and good gaming!!


so I built a guild, when do I get my gill back?


Reply 14# aznavy23
Each point in strength adds 0.3% to your attack
Each point in agility adds 0.1% to attack and 1.12% to dodge
Each point in constitution adds 1% to HP and to MP

I'm not sure if these percentages are different for the different classes(I'm a berserker). These percentages are for your base stats. I'm not sure which bonuses stack. Like I've tried different things with HP and found that something with con+2 is not as good as something that adds +2% HP.

Gil refund for the Guild
For the player who creates the guild(Guild Founder), we will send Gil refund of 200

Important: only the founder of the guild shall receive the refund.
                 The refund will be sent every Monday.


I'm a Human Vagrant and see these #'s:
Each point in strength adds 0.2% to your attack
Each point in agility adds 0.2% to attack and 0.12% to dodge
Each point in constitution adds 1% to HP and to MP

Other than gear requirements... I don't see a good reason to dump a boat-load into Strength over Agility for a Vagrant if you want all-out power; as you can see, Strength and Agility's attack % scale at the same rate, while Agility offers Dodge %. However, in terms of sheer point-for-point weight: it probably depends on the class and gear available. For the Vagrant, I have just enough points in Strength and Agility to wear my gear and have dumped the rest into Constitution. The HP/MP boost is far greater and more valuable (namely the HP boost) than a few more points of attack at lower levels.

I spent a decent amount of gold resetting my attributes to find this out.


I'm an assassin,

Each point in strength adds 0.1% to your attack
Each point in agility adds 0.3% to attack and 0.12% to dodge
Each point in constitution adds 1% to HP and to MP

oh yeah... don't bother spending your attribute in strength. and yes, for us, an armor with +3 agility is better than +2 str, +2 agi. even if the latter is a purple one.

i think we should start making a new thread for these spesific stat. since pagan, koral and i have differents formulas for each class.


OKay, but i'm not Assassin but i think i gonna do what kohlra said. I have just enough str for my gear then i pumpt much in to con and now i'm gonna do like 5 lvls into AGI and then con. i think that wil work. i saw an vargrant with much agi, it was in befallen. they misst him all the time!

Mr Tasartir


in Lv Up Menu, you see, 4 sub-menu: lv up, monster, equipment and event, wt the use of the equipment in this menu? how we get these items, i really cant understand the meaning of this menu.


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