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[Help] AVI to GIF - How to Convert AVI to GIF with AVI to GIF Converter

AVI to GIF - How to Convert AVI to GIF with AVI to GIF Converter?

AVI combines audio and video into a single file in a standard container to allow simultaneous playback, which makes it become so widespread that many people consider it the de-facto standard for storing video and audio information on PC.

Some of the readers may have a lot of AVI files in hand and want to convert them to GIF. However, they don't know how to do. Don't worry - using AVI to GIF Converter to solve your problem. The conversion tool is a windows application that helps you to create animated GIFs when you are watching online videos, which makes it possible to convert AVI video files into GIF animations. What's more, you can use this software to make animated GIF image as your forum avatar or something easily. Since AVI is video and GIF is picture, the gif can be animated, you'd better capture all the frames from the AVI files and shorten them for GIF.

All in all, AVI to GIF Converter is a converting tool that helps you to convert video clips to user-defined GIF animation. It supports converting video to gif animation file with high quality and fast speed, and it also supports capturing most popular videos such as YouTube, Dailymotion, NICONICO, Hulu, Vimeo, Metacafe, VEVO, Facebook Video, Yahoo video, MSN Video, Google Video, Liveleak, etc. all online video sites. It is worthwhile for you to have a try.

Step by step tutorial to use AVI to GIF Converter

Step 1: Play video
Install and run the AVI to GIF app and then play your video either local video or online video (play local video with your video player).

Step 2: Move and Resize AVI to Gif Converter window
Move the AVI to Gif window on your video and resize the window to proper size that you need.

Step 3: Click "start" button
When the video plays to the time that you want, just click the "start" button, and when you want to end, just click "stop" which instead "start".

By the "edit" button the AVI to GIF Converter allows you to Cut Unwanted Frames, Create High Definition(HD) GIFs, Create GIF Movie with Subtitles, Add Texts on Existing GIF.

Step 4: Create Gif
At the end you just need to click the "Create GIF" button to get your own gif picture and then share with your friends and family.

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