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Multiple accounts and Account security

1, Multiple accounts are not permitted!

If you are caught using multiple accounts, you will be banned permanently.

Using multiple proxies will cause your in game play history to be disordered, so your account may be considered an illegal one.

Creation of an account by you, or anyone other than yourself, solely for the purpose of transporting resources and/or other in game items to your account is prohibited. Please note that two or more accounts played on the same computer IS considered multiple accounting.

The exchange of in game items/resources through real world trade (ie. Payment of cash or any other meathod) is prohibited.

These actions are deemed as malicious damage and will be subject to permenant ban.

You must claim the responsibility of your own behavior.

2, LANs

Players in a local Area Network (LAN) are not seen as multiple accounts. Therefore multiple players can play the game without suspicion involved on a LAN.

3, Account Management

Players are not allowed to name a base, alliance or any customizable object with inappropriate and inflammatory language

4, Inactive Accounts Deleted!

We will delete inactive accounts regularly, inactive accounts are stated as follows.

a,Players who do not log in game for 30 days.

b,Players who have 0 points and do not log in for 7 days.

5, Account Security

Please do not share your password with a friend, spouse, roommate, relative, or ANY other person. If you do, the individual you gave this information to, may *give out* your information to someone else they believe they can trust. This would compromise your account.

"NOTE" The account owner shall be responsible for all loss caused by account sharing.

We officially encourage players to report problems and bugs in the game. Once confirmed, the reporters will be rewarded handsomely.

Players using the system bugs or illegal behavior will be banned permanently. In addition we officially reserve the rights to edit, modify, and suspend the game if severe problems occur that affect the game balance.

Thank you for your time, and support.

if your finally going to do something about this pls investigate the following accounts:


server 1944

Blade_Baagii (630:562)
Baagii (698:580)

...same guy?


Reply 3# ZuZu_

    i doubt it he'd have to be a huge idiot to use two such simialar names and be the same guy.


dude seriously we are giving you the multi accounts would u pls just ban them cus im getting increasingly annoyed with the racist, offensive and pathetic mails me and many of my friends have been recieving. they send attacks of 1 unit and rude mails to piss us off from so many accounts. this is only some of his accounts he uses the name 'mikey' the whole time and continually confesses to being multi accounts. i dnt care if he multi accounts i just dnt think the mails or the attacks are right. i think its sick players like this are allowed so pls sort it.


Reply 4# undyingoverlord

player know they can get away with it by now so could be a multi account. ip checks could be made to check this theory


If he is using a (LAN) Local Area Network, He cant be banned.

2, LANs

Players in a local Area Network (LAN) are not seen as multiple accounts. Therefore multiple players can play the game without suspicion involved on a LAN.
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Can I play on different servers? Does it mean multiple accounts? I see some players on my map zone who are inactive...are those accounts deleted? Probably they're deleted but I still see their bases...what does this mean? Are the bases not deleted?


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but the validation failure... why???

someone can help me?.. im new user.. thanks


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