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[General] Event: Put up the imperfect expression (sentences or words) to win more Gold!

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Hello, everyone! Thank you for your support of The Estate World!

In order to improve our game, we need your help to put up and correct the imperfect expressions/sentences/words of the game, but also the typo errors and grammar mistakes.

And if your correcting is adopted by us, you will receive 10 Gold for each correcting! No upper limit!

Just reply in this post to put up the errors you've found and correct them.

Range: All servers of The Estate World
Duration: Jun.10 ~ Jun.30

You may reply the post like this:

Server: XX

Ingame Name: XXX

The Imperfect Expression:

1.   The right expression should be:
Inspecting the department can find out the existing problems and solve them timely. It takes 30 seconds to complete the department inspecting, and you can inspect the same department again after 360 minutes.

2.   The right word should be: Inspect.
3. (screenshot)
The right expression/word should be XXX

1. If more than 2 players find out the same mistake, the Gold will be sent to the first one who finds it;
2. You need to give out both the error screenshot and the corrected word/sentence to gain the Gold;
3. Please make sure you've left the right server and ingame name to us;
4. The Gold will be sent in 72 hours after you put up and correct the errors.
Thank you for your participation! Just come and gain more Gold!

The Estate World Team
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The right expression should be:
Inspecting the department can find out the existing problems and solve them timely. It takes 30 seconds to complete the department inspecting, and you can inspect the same department again after 360 minutes


anything else ? xD


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I didn't take any screen shots because it is a ton of text and the assistant just randomly loops through them. I took this from the website's FAQ section and rewrote it. It looks to be the same in game text that the assistant uses.

I will work on getting screen shots of all the little text pieces in game that need to be fixed later.

If you have any questions about these just ask.


How do I speed up work times?

A: There is an item in the item shop call "Accelerate" under [Consumables] that can be used to reduce the work time by 10 mins.

How do I recover department HP?

A: HP will refill during the daily maintence at 0:00 am. Also, there are many  methods to boost the HP of a department. One such method is: Click on a Department head and on the right side of the panel there is a silver button labeled [Recover HP]. This has a few options within it.

What are knowledge points for?

A: Players get one knowledge point each time they level up. Knowledge points can be used to research different benefits for the company. Design, Engineering, and Planning all have tech trees within them under the [Knowledge] tab. Each item can be moused over for a description. You may also purchase them from the Item Shop "Eternal Knowledge" under [consumable]. Upgrading the company can also get you some points.

How do I accelerate individual departments work speed?

A: Better skilled employees will naturally work a little faster and more efficiently. The simplest way is to plan out what your want to get done so that you can do the work in the right order. There is also an item "accelerate" that can be purchased that will take 10 mins off of pretty much anything.

How do I change the blueprint before constructing a building?

A: During the design/plan/build process there is only one time you can do this. Right after you design the blueprint and right before you approve it. There is a small silver button that reads "redesign" in the bottom middle of the panel it is just to the left of the "Next" button.

Can the blueprint be changed during construction process?

A: No. It can only be changed during the design process. Once you have gotten the blueprint approved it is to late.

What is the function of the Design Department?

A: The design department is the starting point for all your creations. This is where it all begins. You come here to setup your building blueprint. There are a few options to choose from and you can mouse over them and read the descriptions.

What is the function of the Engineering Department?

A: The engineering department is where everything gets put to practical use. This is where the building gets actually built.

What is the function of the Planning Department?

A: The planning department is where you go after design to get your blueprint approved. It is also where publicity for your building happens.

What is the function of the Sales Department?

A: The sales department is where well things are sold. Selling your buildings is what these people live for. You will assign them to buildings your wanting to sell so that it will process the sale faster.

What is the function of the Real Estate Department?

A: The real estate department is your land management area. This is where you have all your maintenence people, building managers, etc. Without them your land management properties are basically worthless. Keep them happy and the cash will flow from this department. This is a real money maker department.

What is the function of the Public Relations Department?

A: The public relations department is your eys and ears. They are your spies. Your undercover weapon against the enemy. Lots of fun evil stuff to do to others in here.

If I assign an employee to a job is he/she stuck there until they finish it?

A: No. The staff member can be recalled to the department at any time. You can then assign them any other task you wish or leave them idle if you want.

when I recruit employees where do they go?

A: You can find your new recruits in {Department] -> [Staff]

What are the department routines for?

A: The management level of the company can be raised by doing the various routines. High management will improve efficiency and work times.

Is there a way to do two routines at the same time?

A: No. A department can only execute one routine at a time. You can however use the "Management Expert" item from the item shop [Consumable]. This item will arrange all the routines automatically. It is very convenient.

Why is my management level decreasing?

A: The management level will decrease by 20 points every day at 0:00. It will never go negative however and currently there is no upper limit.

What effect does promoting an employee to the department manager?

A: As the head of the department your new manager will boost the skills of everyone in the department. A manager with a higher degree will improve the department even more. There are two attributes that will become available once promoted "Management" and "Organization" which will now be able to be trained. They will also be able to have items etc to boost their abilities even further.

How do I get more design/construction/planning points to spend?

A: They will regenerate over time or for more convenience you may use an item from the item shop call "Resource Raise" it will be under [Consumable] -> [Department]

How can I upgrade an employees' education background?

A: Click on the employee to bring up the staff interface. You can then click on [Education] at the bottom of the panel and choose between [Seniro Education] and [Normal Education]. Seniro will always succeed however it it takes an item you purchase from the item shop and consumes them. Normal education takes regular coins and might not succeed.


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hi i just noticed a mistake and almost all employee have same mistake in sentence; here are details:-

Server: Disneyland

Ingame Name: abonight

The Imperfect Expression:

Word :- should be "keep" instead of eep!
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You forgot the R on research. It says "Take esearch seriously."

It should say "Take research seriously."
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Server: Disneyland

Ingame Name: AzunG

The Imperfect Expression:

word: "rtime educes" >>> time reduces
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Reply 8# estrivera

Ingame Name?


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