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Polaris Server is severly glitching.

Post Last Edit by fbtygarimew at 2015-9-12 14:17

Customer Suppor Jennifer is completely ignoring all bug reports and doing nothing to fix the problems with the game.

There is currently severe log in issues, world boss is lagging to the point it is unkillable as all attacks are failing to initiate, luxury event is failing to allow purchases as the game lags out.

hey guys two weeks already i have a huge amount of LAG: tresure hunting imposible', church blesing imposible tread fashion goods imposible i am playing in server 2 and 4 i am shure  you are working on solving that problem but just to know playing in that moment is owful. Tnx for understanding


Everything is still impossible to play.
Winners are determined by who is glitching the least instead of real competition.
Or who finds ways to glitch the clutching.


Jennifer finally responded to my many cs requests, says they see no problems on their end...try rebooting & login again!

this game is soo broken, yet they are in denial...probably just waiting for s4 to slowdown so they can open another server & get more $$$ for this broken POS.


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