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In the Runescape game script of my life, a bubble emerges from my mouth with a JRPG dot dot dot.I stare. Is this what other people see? Do they see this weird, cute species of human being enacting strange rituals? Or are we just generally embarrassing? I think about people who wear Google Glass and shudder and never think about that comparison ever again.Stephen points me in the direction of media registration and I go towards the giant concrete beast with angryman-banner wings, flashing red eyes, the screeching megaphone voice. Something makes me look up at the palm trees, and I remember.It is crowded and the bass echoes from the Playstation, Runescape gamespot and Microsoft stands, audible even in the hallway. I feel very tired, suddenly. I think about that sign on the door of Bioshock Infinite: Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt. The first half of that sentence is Super Mario old, the Collect Girl To Win, but the brash suggestion that it is our responsibility to wipe away the debt? That was new. I mean, we were always collecting coins. It just wasn't always our responsibility.I have been trained. My eyes avert from the neon lights courting my glance and I get to registration. I look at my appointment schedule. Where is Concourse Hall, Room #8802? I ask the information desk.She looks at me. Uh, she says. What did you say the room number was? I tell her again. She looks on the floor plan. She can't find it. She looks up her computer. Uh, what did you say it was? I repeat myself. It's not on the map, she says after a while. But it's probably here? She points to someplace miles away.I begin my journey.It wasn't there. Two hours later, and I have asked three different people where Concourse Hall, Room #8802 is, all of them with official E3 credentials. None of them have been able to tell me for sure where this place is, and I haven't found it in the places they told me to look. I go back to the media room to email the PR to ask where exactly the mystery room is. By this time I have missed the appointment, which was only thirty minutes long. The PR says that the room is next to Zynga's. Z marks the spot.But I haven't seen anything labelled Zynga anywhere on the floor, and by now, I know where almost everything is located. I could tell you where to get a chocolate chip cookie or a giant annoying Persona-branded bag that butts into everyone and tries to brush stuff out of my hands.

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