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well, be kind and answer - why did you close the topic: "oldsantos for sale"?


and oldsantos ur avatar kinda "sexuality"


Do manboobs count as breasts? >.>


don't think so... you know... he could be a fat man who grew skinner.... but who am i to complain


i would never do anything like that anyway


Tips: The Author has been banned or delete.


warnings are issued and if a specific number of official warnings are reached they are disciplined. this is how it will work most of the time.


I want to report here a bad in-game language.
Just received two "sweet" messages from a "neighbor"
Screenshots speak for themselves.
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@saprosan12... THENKA must really hates being a dependency to you.. Lol, just prove him wrong when you turn 5,000 rep. ;)


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