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[General] Event: Experience Sharing

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Event Time: Oct. 13th – Oct.20th
Sever: S1 & S2

1. During the event time, you can post and share your game experience in the forum. Then you will get 50,000 Coins and Agency Silver Card *1!
2. Players, whose experience contains detailed graphic descriptions to help others, can get more rewards. The rewards contains 1,000,000 Coins, Agency Gold Card *1 and Industrial Strategic Plan *2!

1. Please write your character name and server in the post.
2. The rewards will be sent in Attachment within 3 working days after the event is over.
3. Each player can get both rewards for simple or detailed reply only once.

You may reply the post like this:
Server: XX
Ingame Name: XXX
XXXXXXX(Your experience)

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Server: S1
Ingame Name: miXorr
As I already wrote to some friends, there is a certain way to prepare for spy attacks and building purchasing made by other players. I was quite unlucky loosing buildings I constructed just after reaching 25 player level. I tried to figure out what could be usefull to prevent it in the future.
There are a couple of helpful things and here they are:
1. Increasing the abilities of the assistant. It is worth to get at least "green" assistant (although a "blue" one will be better) and train his/her abilities to maximum using the hairdressing operations in the private assistant menu. Higly trained assistant prevents other players from getting any information while info spying.
2. And when they get info for sale anyway, then we can prevent purchasing. We need good salesmen then. As for now, "blue" salesmen are enough. I've all "blue" staff in all departments without spending any gold for them. Using Newspaper Employment in dept's recruit menu one can let show 16 candidates at once. Most of them are "white", some "green", but sometimes a "blue" one appears. Hire them then. Repeating Newspaper Employment costs coins and time, but it is worth it and more effective than evolving staff level using Education.
Players use sales staff to purchase spied buildings, but they won't get it, if the sales staff assessed in the building by the ovner has higher perseverance and spirit abilities. That is the reason, why it is good to set training on the sales staff in these two characteristics. By the way, paying 50000 coins one can increase the departments possible daily training units by 1 and this can be repeated without any limit. You will find it in the top section of departments training menu.
Have lots of fun playing


Server: S2 Pyramid
Ingame Name: Zinzy

Hello everyone,              
I’m writing this  to show you the importance of contributing to your association.

I’ll explain about the 4 categories where you can contribute in:

Membership cards;
The membership cards are used to upgrade the member building. You will need 300 of those cards in order to be able to store up to 25 members! Which is from great importance on later level, the more people the association has, the faster it can develop and the more people can help each other.

Gold bonds;
This is just about the money! For each level of our centre building you get bonuses. For the centre building level 2 you receive 13% selling speed increase. Building revenue increase of 1% and city contribution of 3 (which will help to build soon in other cities, as you can see on the building map). For each level the association increases we will receive more bonuses. One more important and cool thing for you all is that you receive association subsidy everyday! You only have to withdraw it manually.

Raw materials:
This is also needed to upgrade the centre building. The higher level centre building you want, the more raw materials you have to donate and with better quality.

By doing association quests this is increased. It will give the association more popularity. When you click on “other associations” at the association map you will see your popularity status. But we are gaining more fast. I’m not sure if there is any other use then a little competition in popularity by the associations, but I think it’s a good way to show our activity if your association is ahead of others.

I hope this guide is of any use, if you have any tips/questions, send a mail to Zinzy on S2 pyramid.



S1: Kinslyr



The employees that make up your staff are one of the most important aspects in The Real Estate World.    Employees can be five different levels from lowest to highest: white (Higher Vocation), green (Junior College), blue (Bachelor), and purple (Master), and gold (Doctor).  You can get an employee of higher level either by recruiting a better one (using online employment or high-paid employment have a much increased chance of getting a high-level employee) or by educating an employee.  When you educate, using a senior education item works every time!  The level of an employee determines their maximum ability scores.  You can use training to increase an employees scores up to the maximum.

For your three main departments (Design, Engineering, and Planning) you should always keep a full staff of employees.  The number of skill points you earn each hour is determined by the number and level of the employees in your staff.  So it's always best to have the best possible employees.  These skill points are used in the different phases of design, planning, and construction of a building.  They can be used to increase different attributes of the building by as much as 8%.  The employees in other departments are very important too.  In Sales, the employee level will determine how fast the building sells as well as how much it will sell for.  Property is perhaps one of the most important categories for employees.  The level of your employees dramatically changes how much daily income your building will earn.  So put your best property employees into your best buildings!  The level in PR determines the chance of success for different PR attacks.

If you have an employee of level blue or better, you can make that employee the manager of his or her department.  Managers add points to the main attributes of all other staff members.  They also have 2 other attributes: management and organization that affect how well the department performs.  Lastly, managers can be equipped with office items - use the suite to save some money when purchasing these items.

I hope you enjoy your employees - they are one of the keys to success in the Real Estate World.  Good luck and happy recruiting!


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Server: S1
Ingame Name: poring
Let me share about PA (Private assistant)

See at her name is blue it mean she is a Talented PA who give more 15% revenue have more type of PA that follow table below

Hope u enjoy this game
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Server: S1
Ingame Name: coolsurf

Im going to tell you how to manage your department effectively.

First, go to your department icons below your game window (design/engineering/planning....) then go to routine tasks tab. Click on the bottom right routine task on every department to gain management level points and gold coins. Then on your event tabs, click inspect on all departments without waiting for the inspect process to finish (30s).  After clicking inspect, click staff tab, then click on conference then either choose the mild chat or serious talk to build those loyalty and emotion points of your employees. Do this to all your departments also.  Then go back to event tab, then prioritize on clicking additional points on publicity, or gold coins.  Don't prioritize emotion and management level because you can build it up on CONFERENCE and ROUTINE tasks.  

That's about it. At least you could level up faster on this way and you can get those general award notice faster.


Server: S1
Ingame Name: Lucky
I will show you how to do Thrance dungeon in steps:
Step 1: First you need to reach the following conditions, seen in the photo:

Step 2: Find 4 players with the 4 inclinations that exists: Building, Landscape, Decoration and Path.
Step 3: Make sure you have more than 150'000 Gold Bonds and/or you have Level 2 raw materials of each type at least 8'000, in order to finish the dungeon successfully.
Step 4: You decide who to make the dungeon and invite others.
Step 5: You start by assigning personal, to be able to start the dungeon.
Step 6: You start doing your inclination like is shown in the picture, you click your inclination and if you respected the steps above you will be able to continue the dungeon.

Step 7: Repeat Step 6 until you each player will reach 3'000 points and the dungeon will finish. And you will get your rewards.

Thanks for reading, for more information about dungeons ask me.
Enjoy the game!
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