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[News] Reputation Restrictions On Battles

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Post Last Edit by Jeremywu at 2010-5-14 02:01

As the battles going on, many players complain that the present reputation restrictions on battles are unfair.

At present the rules are:

Newbie protection for the player with reputation less than 5,000

The player with reputation 5,000 - 10,000 won't be attacked by the players with double(and more) of his reputation

No restrictions for the battles among the players with reputation more than 10,000

Double rep restriction refers to that the player won't be attacked by the player with double(and more) of his reputation. For example, a player with reputation 8,000 shall not be attacked by the player with reputation 17,000.

The Transforce Team realize the problem and will adjust the restriction in the update in the near future.

Now here is the poll for the reputation restrictions on battles, your advice is highly appreciated.

Not sure if I had to click something to vote but it should be option 1. At this time people attack players 50-100k rep below them. And the players that are around the same size are allied and won't ever attack each other because then they may not win. If Option one is implemented then I'm sure more people would enjoy this game without worrying about someone they have no chance against attacking them. Thank you to whomever thought of this addition to the game and I look forward to when it comes into effect.


Post Last Edit by blacklinelevi at 2010-5-14 01:26

Im voting because there's nothing else I can do. I was hoping the admins would make a limited matrix server for those of us who want to play on a fair and even server but now I realize that's never going to happen. The reason most people complain, is because there's so many people quitting. They quit because certain players can progress faster than others and then farm non spenders as if they don't deserve the respect of fellow players. I think most people would like it to be fair that way, cuz the way it is now, everyone else is just playing catch-up on every server. There's whole tribes that think of everyone else as "not even competition" and monopolize the servers by holding every AW tower, and winning every battle, keeping the king of arena crown for months on end, & getting every trophy (1st-3rd place for getting achievements) and none of the new players get to see how it feels. I say devote a whole new server to players who want an even field. And not add another 4 big blocks and 4,000 new squares to a map. So many people are quitting all it did was just double travel times. That's when the game would be fair, and that's when you wont see people complaining too much. (And you'd actually make money because there'd be players not quitting who potentially spend to the limit.)


Post Last Edit by Zikri_Masadi at 2010-5-14 04:22

The current restriction system isnt fair at all... most of the players get pawned too early in da game and for those matrix buyer.. they targeted us as easy prey.

As u all can see now, most of the ppl quit when their reputation doesnt even reach 10k.. because higher and stronger player use them as farm.

Building troops uses a lot of resources and time so when the attacker destroy everything, the best way is to quit becoz of the time spent to rebuilding. We players have real life, so right now most of them are afraid to leave their account temporarily (not using VM) because of the threat from higher reputation player.

And if Transforce going to add new server, there will be competition like king of arena, best attacker, etc. So GM should not make matrix buyable for a certain period. This is really unfair because of certain rich people could get to 1k rep in 1 hour, and obtain all the achivement.

So when GM going to make competition do it fairly, there is 2 type players in the game. Matrix buyer and non matrix buyer. 70% are not matrix buyer because they know its waste because some rich people pawning all player like what happen in S7 now.

The top player do anything they want, war with everyone since they thought they are the strongest(matrix buyer) and destroy the population in S7 no one going to build reputation above 10k..

so ill vote for option 1st. Not matrix buyer are also posible matrix buyer if they find the game was good and the dollar spent wasnt a waste, right now people can play but cant move all the way forward because of some player.


ok since everyone is posting that answer 1 is the best option i will just add a bit of info to that, imagine that after you reach the 100k rep you start to be farmed like with actual rules, that way you waste more time in realising that you either, played bad or were picked up by a matrix buyer
i wont vote since i dont do pvp
what i would really love to see is that in s2 other players cant attack your r.spots, that would be 100% pve and not the actual semi-pve
this is my opinion from an only s2 player, and not in the tops(joined too late, but im enjoying most of the game)


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Post Last Edit by clawsofhonor at 2010-5-14 06:34

i think more restrictions are fine as long as the people who have put massive time effort and MONEY  into the game are reimbursed generously for what they have contributed. After all, the people who PAY THE MONEY into this game should have the loudest voices over the people who only play for free without contributing money. I mean if this is being read by the people who create and run the game.....who do you want to cater to...the people who whine about the game and dont pay you a cent ....or the people who pay money to get farther in the game ...and thusly pay for server costs and game costs...and put money in your pockets? if you notice ....each of these posters complain about "the matrix buyers" which means each of them and most of the people who voted for option 1 and 2 are not were not paying money and will not in the catering to them does nothing for you financially ...and this game exists to make the owners money...its a business. i have put hundreds of dollars into the game ...and i promise if more restrictions are put on the game to where targets i can hit are even more limited....i wont pay another cent ....and im not alone. also if you make a "fair" server where no one can become powerful...the whiney NON PAYING players will go there....the servers where the PAYING players are will dry up ....and the PAYING players will leave.....and more money in your pockets. so sure ...go ahead and put more restrictions on the game ....but if you do so better heavily reimburse the paying players ...cause otherwise ...your income will disappear almost instantaniously. if you want the new members to stay then do 2 things...#1 make it easier and faster to get decent troops and tech other words cut the time and resource cost for early tech and buildings....and #2 make an in depth quality game guide to explain the details of the game so new players dont get frustrated and quit or research things they dont need to research early in the game

and for the record ...knock off the damn new servers....its getting to the point where the old servers are dying cause everyone goes to the newest one.


An easy way to resolve the pay vs non-pay players, make one last server with option 1 as the rule for that server. Place a limit on matrix expense on that server, then provide a one time option for accounts to be moved to that server from any of the other servers. I would suggest that it be limited to accounts that would have met the requrements on the new server for matrix purchases, otherwise it would be unfair for a matrix player to have a top of the line city on a new server where non payers would have no chance of competing. I would base the limits strictly on the matrix PURCHASED not the level of the city, there are quite a few players who have built decent cities without buying alot of matrix. This will consolidate the players who want an even playing field into a single arena, and allow the matrix players to continue to rule the rest of the servers. Just my 2 cents, I am sure the matrix payers will poke alot of holes in it.


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no changes required gm, just babies doing more crying. if you give them this soon they will want and ...
getskip1100 Post at 2010-5-14 08:01

Changes is a must, this game was suppose to be free to play forever. There should be no unequality. Buying matrix = ur donation. Matrix buyer doesnt have more privielage because they bought matrix. If it does make matrix buyers voice more heard than non buyer then why not make this not free. Just put a charge every month if want to play.

Ur saying like that because u already at the top and not everyone like you. Not everyone spend their time 23 hours a day playing transforce. I dont see any advertising from GM that matrix buyer will get some speacial attention. So there must be equality in transforce.

how many people with 200k rep are farming people around their reputation? You also wil be farming people below 100k rep u wont be farming ppl with 100k rep above coz of tough challenge. This poll was made so that inbalance can be fixed. Once u reach above 10k and u are already being a possible farm for the top player.

This poll will become a battle soon, since the non buyer, will chose option 1 or 2 and the buyer will most likely choose option 4.

No offence.


The restrictions are advantageous to the majority.


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