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when did i complain about the gv5's? its not about the heros... that wasnt the point i was making. the point is people like claws who act like they're the only people who matter when they dont take 1 minute to think that not everyone has trust funds, their parents credit cards, or high paying jobs. most of us have to use our money for real life stuff and just trying to have fun playing a game, but since he "donated" he deserves everything? no its ppl like him making it no fun for everyone else. and dude ive hit 100k long time ago on s3 man im not some noob who doesnt know anything about this game but im sick of seeing it go down the drain cuz it used to be fun. u guys can say crybabies all u want but really who else would u have to play against? keep calling ur spending a donation if it makes u feel better, but u kno ur doing it for an advantage which u all exploit over non spenders. so u all stop whining about this ONE THING they are finally trying to do actually help new players. unless u want 70% of all first timers to keep quitting and only half of old players to keep logging in then by all means u keep whining about how ur money means anything more than an advantage. wut would u do without it? claws u should think hard about who's really the noob here if u NEED to spend to keep up with every1. the only thing i suggest is just a limited matrix server so that all these players who still stick out in these DEAD servers can just have fun in a fair one. maybe the noobs would stick around.stop being so selfish and think about how hard the gm's tried to make a decent, fun game. they lose potential "donators" when you guys dont help ppl like it used to be and exploit the advantage u get by spending. and ill keep posting these long posts cuz i kno the majority of players agree with what i have to say and know you're the whiners if u couldn't handle it if people without the silver spoons like you could beat u in this game. God forbid that ever happens....


Think about having another option.
Players can't attack each other.

It would be fun to make this a browser version of SIMCITY...


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i dont think people who dont pay are less than me ...i simply find it wrong to expect the game owners to punish matrix buyers simply cause SOME non buyers dont have either the intelligence or dedication to learn how to play effectively. i dont have high rep or anything on s4 or s7...and i can play without losing resources or troops ...cause i know how to play the game ...and i definitely do say that if you havent invested money into the game have nothing to lose...and thusly no right to bitch or ask the gm to take away from the enjoyment of people who pay for their experience. its almost like if you were to buy a car ....and then 2 months into owning the car some idiot who only has a bicycle complains to the dealership ...and the dealership takes your car away to "make things fair"....fvck no that isnt ok would tell the lazy sob on the bike to go get a job and get a car himself...same shit here dont have a right to destroy my gaming experience ...specially when i paid my own hard earned money to get the game experience i wanted. if it was unfair ...then there would be no way to buy advantages. you dont like being farmed ...learn how to play the game so you dont lose res and can be done ...not every high reputation player spends money ...very few spend enough to be "top"...even i dont. so heres a thought ...put the same effort you spend bitching about the game ...into actually playing and low and behold you might get to a point where youre not farmed. people like you are the same type of fools who tell their kids "its ok if you come in last ...cause ya still tried hard" and then give them a trophy even though they came in last ...this is a competition game not a 60's love in ...if you had a rep of 100k+ whether through spending money or not would not want restrictions ...cause your game would be all but over

and i dont NEED to spend money....I CHOOSE TO SPEND MONEY.  and i havent had access to parents credit cards ever ...nor do i have a trust fund ...nor do i have a high paying job. i have a shit job ...i have plenty of bills...and this is one of the ways i enjoy the money my hard work brings in. and with all due respect dont matter nor do any of the whiney noobs who give up the game ...cause if every whiney noob left the game you know what would happen ?...300 more whiney noobs would come in. also....the noobs that give up after 2 weeks ...havent even hit 5k rep yet ...they leave cause it takes so damn long to do anything in the game. exactly the reason i spent money ive said before ...i dont have high rep on my servers ...highest rep i have is 86k ...and i got that on s1 ...and i got that over 3-4 months if youre not a noob like you said ...then you damn know that i didnt spend thousands of dollars cause if i did my rep would be ALOT higher. hell i had tier 2 troops for months

and finally nibblenuts ...maybe you didnt realize this ...but the restrictions they are proposing have nothing to do with matrix buying ...the restrictions they are willing to do have to do with rep ..and if they pass one of those restrictions ...your game will go to shit to mister "100k rep on my own". and do you know WHY they arent willing to do what you propose ...cause this is a business to them ...and what matters most to them is THE MONEY THE PLAYERS SPEND. you obviously have no concept of business or the real world.


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This poll will become a battle soon, since the non buyer, will chose option 1 or 2 and the buyer will most likely choose option 4.
Zikri_Masadi Post at 2010-5-14 10:00

Sorry to tell u that u're wrong.

I'm a not buyer and voted on option 4.


Hey Fumbles...

U're the one complaining, but u also like farms, don't u?
Or didn't i got it right when u wrote this on public chat?

Fumbles: I was attacking farms. ended up with a mill resources in 2 hours w00t

Never mind... u only attack guys with 30k+ rep... i see ;)


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if spent matrix of attacking player > 2x spent matrix of defending player
attack possible := false
farming time := true

its just an idea(and +10 creds w00t!, they are for nothin right?)
yes, that will force payers vs payers and free vs free lol
s2 feels like a simcity i just need the meter that tells you to make more residential industrial or commercial zones lol
so, next time you ask yourself "where should i go to next summer/winter?" here is your answer, come chill out at s2, we got free beer


This poll was made due to the many complain made, this is the voice of the majority. If it wasnt that serious, this poll woldnt be made.

This was never about money spender, i dont really care on how many u spend on the game.
I just wants the change that will be made wont get new player getting pawned too soon in the game.

Look around ur map, how many active bases? u can count with 10 fingers. Everyone needs to farm, its for the experience for the hero. No one can denied that. The closest active player near me was 3 hour away... although my zone was heavily populated.

I hate the achievement system they been doing at newly opened server. 1 person getting all the achievement because they buy matrix.

GM should make changes of that, if they happen to open a new server soon. Stop the matrix buying for early started server, maybe from day 1 to 7 ( a week ) or two. So that all player will have their chances on getting achivement.

Here i gave u an example :

so as u all can see, see how many achievement one person could get.
This is because they can buy matrix from the 1st minute of the server started.
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dont you get also nice exp from neutral citys, spots and expeditions?


barely any


I think that one should not be able to attack someone with half or 20k lower then their rep score, which ever is lesser, but should be able to attack anyone higher in rep score. If that is at all possible, or make defenses better at certain intervals of tech growth based on the tech they use. Like the pillbox get better at ammo 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15 with matching base defense tech levels, or something like that.


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