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    Hey bud a farm is someone who doesn't play anymore and left their base off VM. The farms I mentioned here are 100k+ rep players attacking 10k, 20k, 30k, and anything a good amount smaller then them. And I attack anyone around me other then allies even if they are bigger then me. It's called a Joint Attack. So sorry you thought you made a point, ya didn't.


YOU COULDNT HANDLE IT IF YOU COULDN'T BUY YOUR ADVANTAGE or if they changed this one thing help non spenders.

look man i wasnt saying u had any of those ways personally to spend money, what i said was a stereotype. not all of us have those ways to pay. but ur logic is messed up man, cuz i dont see how a dude on a bike should care about what the guy with a car is doing. the guy with the car isn't running him over, but u guys who spend money on here, r using it to farm players who never even played. and for us that do kno, fine u go ahead and u try n farm me, but u dont kno who doesnt kno any strategy or not. and no1 will if u dont even care to help or care who plays. ur being mad selfish. and once again ur logic is totally messed up. it doesnt matter how much money u put into this game, it says free forever/free to play. and yes we all know that means "buy an advantage"... but that doesnt make ur gameplay any more important than someone who CANT spend on money on this game. in reality they DO have more to lose cuz they have to spend the TIME for all their high level tech's and the TIME to save tokens to even buy more tech bp's. there isnt even a newbie pack after 100k and all i can do is either automatrix or save tokens or wait for the weekends for 2 tech bp's, but im not complaining about the gameplay, its about ppl like who r being selfish, and yes, u ARE treating non payers like lesser people. u keep proving that in every post you put up here.
to every non spender- keep going, dont quit, cuz once u wipe out ppl like claws 100% it's like the best feeling u get from playing this game. people who can run their mouths, and point the finger & categorize people without considering any1 but themselves. people like him are obviously upset about this ONE little restriction, a restriction which WILL help more players who are first timers. theres so many ppl quitting, and more ppl spending than helping first timers, so NO, you'll never see many more non spenders who even stay long enough to learn a strategy cuz of people like you.
you dont deserve your money back if they change it to option 1. and if u really feel u do, u should stop calling ur spending a "donation." cuz all it is is you buying an advantage....
and now whining about it, CUZ YOU COULDNT HANDLE IT IF YOU COULDN'T BUY YOUR ADVANTAGE, you and everyone like you who doesn't consider the players who DO wait more than 10 hours for any single upgrade. take captain for example, he's got highest rep in s4 for a reason, but he's considerate. he isn't like you. he was reinforcing newbies every chance he got, and not acting like a vulture to first timers who r really trying to learn the game as soon as they hit 10k. you can spend your money, however u earn it, but just like the non payers dont have any guarantees that they wont be farmed, you dont have any guarantees that they will keep catering to people like you. 1 last thing, stop saying people need to learn the game if you dont give them a chance, cuz apparently you need to learn how if you don't even know what it's like to have to wait for the weekend or save tokens for tech bp's just to help yourself.


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ok look dickless ive had it with your bs little accusations have no concept how i constantly answering questions from newbs in wc ....constantly teaching them how to play .......and then a week later the newbs leave because tech and buildings take too long have no concept who i do and do not hit obviously are too illiterate to read the repeated posts where ive stated i have considerably lower rep than "the spenders" on any of the servers im on. i can handle the game just fine ...with or without spending money. its the whiney fucks like you that need change in order to survive cause you lack the ability to evolve

i have no intention of continuing this with you ...cause your views are a joke ...and you have the iq of cheese....sadly thats an insult to cheese. its really sad ...most people on here ...payers and non payers ...are good people who overcome their challenges and flourish in whatever way they feel is best for them. then we get the little spoiled brats who think because they cant have what others get ...its unfair and they feel they have a right to try to do anything they can to take away from those they feel are better off. so lets part ways and agree to disagree. the owners know what they stand to lose.... they can either keep or lose the money that is most important to them.


Battle restrictions are good but only for noobs. So 10 or, at most, 20k rep should be enough to learn a game basics, build infrastructure and join an alliance. TransForce is a great game, but it is not  for solo play. It is MMO after all. Low rep can be attacked by higher? Yes. Can someone be destroyed completely? No. The only thing you loose ( if you can't evade) is some resources and units, not all of them i must notice. So what  is the reason for crying? You joined an alliance what cant arrange joint defence for members? You don't know how to use CeaseFire or how to evade?
On other hand,after rep more then 30k it says lesser and lesser about miltary might because so many factors involved. And you cant reject it.
The game is not all around balanced, noob protection maybe even a good thing - but not in the form of battle restriction. Maybe in form of the defence bonus. Or in form of exp. penality... this is a subject to discuss.
Talking about matrix and freeplay i only see one major disadvantage that can't be compensated by good playng - an inability to buy treasures.  Giants are practically unavaliable for free players and give to much advantage to be ignored. Any other options, including the meteors and particles can be replaced.


The players with reputation from 5000 to 10000 are in the newbie protection. The reputation of the attacker must be more than 1/2 times and less than 2 times of the reputation of the defender.

I got this message when i tried to scout sm1s base..
Already in effect..??


Reply 35# Rajat8686

It was always at place for rep <10000, so option 4 actually means "doesn't change"


reply to.... CLAWSOFHONOR

seriously read this...
ok really, ur right about not reading all of ur posts.. i couldn't stomache the selfishness... but YOURE RIGHT ABOUT ONE THING.......its unfair and they feel they have a right to try to do anything they can to take away from those they feel are better off. -clawsof...wisdom???
ok so now that uve seen me copy YOUR logic... does that not apply to the 2/3 of newbie chests they took out of S7? is it fair non payers would have to spend $50 just to be able to buy the tech blueprints that they SHOULD HAVE ANWAY?! you're hypocritical, selfish, and need to shut up. and you're obviously retarded because at no point did ii ever claim to know anything about you or how you play. everything i said was stereotypical, and for the most part true, which applies to players that fit those categories. so keep being selfish and think everything's about you and u should get ur way but no1 else can "whine" about anything but u can whine all u want about this ONE LITTLE thing they're actually trying to change to HELP newbies not be farmed, regardless of wheither u take on 1 or 2 here n there solely so u can teach them how to reinforce u for battles. i really dont care how u play the game, im just argueing with you that you're a d1ck, very selfish, and stop whining about this one little thing. u even said yourself they shouldnt be able to take things like they are, but they have, NUMEROUS TIMES!!! they reduced resource production twice since February, took out newbie chests from 2/3 of the tasks in S7, and they call their JOKES of discounts a "special." seriously a lot of these people ive gotten to know on many servers, and there's probably just as many dads or big brothers on here who play in their spare time who have kids to take care of, not spend money just so they can ruin someone else's kids fun. seriously if all you're about is ruining everyone's fun then I'm glad i skipped s1 so I don't have to play with you. i can't wait til you hit 10k on s7, then we'll see how badly u want this new restriction ;)
by the way, i love cheese. you're funny, you should be a clown, you'd do great!


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youre an idiot. i agree with you that there needs to be more tech blueprints and newbie chests....i also feel there needs to be more ways to get resources. what people like you dont have a right to do is demand that higher rep players have their gaming experience limited just so less dedicated and more lazy idiots can put half the effort into the game and not get farmed.

and when i get to 10k on s7 ...ill show your little idiot ass how to play...considering your dracos co leader. too bad an asshat like you can get aligned with a good guy like dracos

your fight for the restriction isnt about fairness ...its about revenge and all the others on your side of the arguement are jealous of the people who can spend youll do anything to ruin those peoples games. instead of limiting high rep players games bout they make newbie pro last till 100k ...and if your in newbie pro you cant attack anyone or npcs, like it currently is under 5k. no attacking ANYONE until the individual breaks one close to their rep ...or beyond 100k ....NO ATTACKING ANYTHING CEPT RES SPOTS AND EXPEDITION. that way by the time they come out of newbie pro ....people should have t3 armies and lvl 15 buildings and that way everyone will have a chance. sure that means that people will be bored as fuck until they hit 100k ...but thats no less fair than taking away 90% of the fun and entertainment a 100k+rep player has by limiting who they can hit. thats about as fair as making it so that 100k+ reps cant attack anyone below that. how are 100k rep people supposed to get resources ...or exp ...etc. if restrictions on higher lvl players is fair ...then restrictions on lower rep people should be equally fair. i mean i guess its not enough that people can send their troops to res spots ...and that people can build basements ...and that an attacker cant take all the resources....or that when ones army is wiped can heal a decent chunk....or that people can learn how to dump res into troop production and building construction when they get attacked...wait...wait. THATS PART OF THE FUCKING GAME YOU ASSHAT. ive gotten attacked numerous times...and ya know what ...most of the time my opponent doesnt get shit ...every once and  a while i slack ...and my opponent wipes me. but you mean to tell me newbs cant play like that? thats the problem with humans. the natural order of all beings in this world is survival of the fittest. humans are the only ones that coddle the weak, infirm and inferior and thats why theres rampant starvation and poverty and a general breakdown of social values in the human race and this game and the subject we are discussing is a perfect example.....limit the strong players regardless of how they got strong that the weak can pretend they are able to survive on their own....can i label you a socialist yet levi? you prob have no clue what socialism entails even


I answered #3 100k rep is too long most player already drops by 5k. Same thing with 50k restriction and 10k rep is simply too short... I also agree with the suggestion limiting matrix buying or creating a separate server. But doubt that it will happen cause it is the matrix donators who really are keeping the game alive but it also kills those who are not donating at all. A majority are non matrix donators and the trend is if really strong (Extremely generous player) conquers the server then people would just go to the next new server leaving those matrix donators soon to be playing just among themselves. I also like the idea of holding matrix donating for a month after the server opens for this gives equal playing ground to all and thats how you keep most players in a single server. Good Luck TF


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