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[General] Event: Scream!!!

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Duration: Oct. 28th - Nov. 1st.
Sever: S1 & S2

During the event time, you could share the ghost stories which you have heard or your personal experiences in the forum. Then you will obtain the following rewards: 50,000 Coins, Membership Card *3, Geomancy Specialist *3, Philosopher’s Stone *10, Blue Singlepage *1. The timid do not enter!

1. Please write your character name and server in the post.
2. The stories cannot be repeated and each player can get the rewards only once in each server.
3. The rewards will be sent in Attachment within 3 working days after the event is over.

You may reply the post like this:
Server: XX
Ingame Name: XXX
My Story: xxxxxxxxxx

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Server: S1 Disneyland
Ingame Name: Lucky
My Story:
My mom died when I was just seven, but I always felt like she was closer to me than any living person. I'm 14 now, and this happened to me not long ago, while my dad was in a meeting and my sister was at work.

I was IMing a friend when a message popped up. The signature was, "I'm always there 4 u."

"Don't take the bus to school tomorrow," it said.

I didn't have any friends with that signature. I squinted at it, then typed back, frowning, "Ok but who are you?"

After twenty minutes, there was no reply, so I gave up and closed the chat windows.

The next morning, I overslept. When I woke up, I was in a frantic hurry to get to my bus step, but I was halfway down the sidewalk towards the place where the bus picked me up when I remembered what "I'm always there 4 u" had said.

I hesitated, feeling the tug of lateness pull me towards the bus stop, but remembering those words so vividly. Finally, I dashed back to the house and asked my dad to drive me to school.

I jumped out of the car at the school to find everyone solemn-faced. My bus had crashed, it seemed; no one had been killed, but the back had been severely crushed and luckily there was an empty seat where most of the damage occurred.

It was my usual seat, I realized. If I'd been on the bus that morning, I would have died.

With a strange sort of weightlessness buoying me up, I went home that day and opened the chat logs. There was no sign of the strange message from the day before. I logged on to the IM site and searched for "I'm always there 4 u."

I already knew before the window loaded what it was going to say.

"No results for 'I'm always there 4 u'," it read.

Whether it was my mom or my guardian angel -- or if my mom is my guardian angel -- I'll never know, but I'll never forget what happened that day.


Server: S1 Disneyland
Ingame Name: coolsurf
My Story

Way back 2007, I worked at the 7th Floor, MCC Steel Corporation as a Purchasing Assistant for about a week. Since the building is very old, I have heard so many stories about the ghost who haunts the whole department. On the third day of my work, during lunchtime I went to the Comfort Room, it was big and it has 4 cubicles. I chose the fourth cubicle. The moment I closed the door, I heard a FLUSH coming from the first cubicle.

It was really weird because I haven't seen anyone who entered the CR with me. Besides, if someone entered right after me, I would hear the door opens because it was really heavy. So, I went out and checked the first cubicle and no one was there, the scary part was, when I saw the water from the toilet bowl drained down like if someone FLUSHED the toilet. It scared the hell out of me and I ran as fast as I could. After that incident, I never went to the Comfort Room on that floor. This was one of the reasons why I quit the job.

My officemates told me that the 7th floor specially the Comfort Room was haunted by a ghost lady. Some employees including me saw a blood on the water tank. Even the reliance of the building was scared every time she went to the 7th floor and cleans the whole area. She said that she heard so many things and you would have a very eerie feeling when you're alone on that floor, even daytime. We were not really sure what is the reason behind all the haunting. All I know is I don't want to go back there!

Thank you for reading.©


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Server : Disneyland
Name: miXorr

Once upon a time, when I was a quite young and brave agnostic "can control everything" man, I had an opportunity to meet the astral anormality itself, when I was walking back from a fire in the woods.
My mates were already drunk and cold that night and it wasn't clever to try to make them go anywhere from the ground they seemed to have conquered for that "cut off" couple of hours untill they face their liquid mistake.
I knew the way, I was powerfull and... actually at home there, so I hit the way all alone.
As usually I did not focus on walking, since the path was in a substantial way an "opus" of my feet. I was planning the next day, dreaming of new adventures and .. let's say, mentally not present, as I suddenly got that impression, that someone is walking parallel to me just behind some trees on my right. I stopped to look, but, as it was rather dark, I obviously couldn't see anything. It was relaxing to my surprised mind, that there was also nothing to hear at that moment. I also looked behind my back and there was still a little shade of the fire between the trees, so I felt secure.
I went on, but after a couple of meters I had that impression again, this time on my left. I stopped again, turned my head, but there was nothing.
And then I heard something like mooving leaves on the path just behind me. I already decided not to like that situation too much, so I started to run. I run for about a minute and could actually feel that something fallowing me on both sides of the path. I also knew, that wasn't my path anymore. I suddenly stopped running and was not moving at all for a while. Nothing happened, not a single sound was to hear.
I turned back quietly and then I felt a sudden heat, like it was a little cloud of extremely hot air hitting my body from behind. I remember I was falling to the ground...
The next thing I remember were straws of grass touching my chick and an enormous need for water. The fire was off. The sun was high. Next to me - my mates were still sleeping... But my shoes...


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