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[General] Event: The Masquerade

Post Last Edit by motoe770v at 2011-10-28 00:37

Duration: Oct. 28th - Nov. 1st.
Sever: S1 & S2

During the event time, you could design costumes for your assistant to join the masquerade with any graphics software. Then post the screenshot in the forum and you will obtain the following rewards: Assistant Image Card *1, 100,000 Coins, Membership Card *3, Perfume *10, Blue Double Page *1

1. Please write your character name and server in the post.
2. The pictures cannot be repeated and each player can get the rewards only once.
3. The rewards will be sent in Attachment within 3 working days after the event is over.

You may reply the post like this:
Server: XX
Ingame Name: XXX
My Story: xxxxxxxxxx

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Server: S1 Disneyland
Ingame Name: coolsurf
My Story:


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