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Will be fine to change colors in infobox under resources spot. Its wery hard to read.


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1 - More powerful resource spots, lvl 10 resource spot brings only 158 units and get only 652 exp. Have to do 5 spots to level up a lvl 3 hero but a lvl 3 hero cant do a lvl 10 spot. Brings us to point 2

2 - Exp should be based on the battle not where the battle takes place. Expedition, resource spot, pvp and npc should give about the same exp (make it based on the fight not the location)

3 - exp should be based on how challenging a fight was. Destroying 50 units with an army of 10 000 shouldn't give any experience at all. High rep vs low rep should give less exp while low rep vs high rep should give more. That should prevent high level players from turning into runaway monsters no one can ever get close to.
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1- did you ever conquer a lvl 10 basin? harder than mountain or desert

2- done to avoid hardcore players to overcome casual players(easily) and each fight has its innate difficulty
npc will never do joint defense or run away, spots cant run away
humans can do that and much more, thats why pvp is boosted exp

3- High rep vs low rep compared compared to High rep vs High rep gives less exp
its just a matter of risk, luck and skills to choose who to attack

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Should fix robot stats on battle reports. The bonus from technology should be visible. The numbers currently shown are nowhere near the real statistics.


hey doblefilo, i thought up of something, what if in the arena, there could be a section for showing the players Reputation, just like it does when you're in the Dependancy tab. I along with many people find it irritating and often a waste of time to sift through EVERY player's gamer profile just to find their reps. Especially when you're in the 800's or higher, when most players are just a couple hundred rep and all the ones who have quit, they do help to add to a win streak, but just sucks having to find sum1 in ur rep range when you're just trying to complete a dependancy conquerer mission. thanks for your time.
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we want fusion available for reinforcing heroes!

doblefilo wrote: i asked in tribe and they told me that reinforce with a fusion hero is already working o.o

you are talking about reinforcing with a fusion

I was talking about making a fusion with reinforcemnts

On second thought it would create some non obvious complications with the reinforcing bots. Where would they go when their hero vanishes?


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make less servers and focus on the ones that are alrdy here. more restriction on attacks.. say cant attack somebody that is less than half your rep

say cant attack somebody that is less than half your rep

was seriusly discussed here ... 26amp%3Btypeid%3D21


you missed 1!!  put items back in store that were removed when spaceships were put in!!!!
(like techpack and a few others) this is unfair to remove mid-game, items that give god like advantages should be removed at server start. if you remove items like this all affects from them should be removed too from day 1. back track all tech gained from techpacks. even the playing field.


redo the combat system so that a mixed army of ranged and melee troops work more realistically. Perhaps melee units can be more likely to take hits in the melee round of combat as they protect ranged units a bit. Would be better than the current system, which is "the enemy army is a giant dartboard and we shoot at it blindly".


I think it'd be nice to add a new form of unit to both sides along with 2 new research or maybe tier 4 troops now cuz I think a lot of people are past the scatter 15 or something for ms III/UG III.  Still new units would add something a bit different, maybe make them a lil different from your normal units.  Like a unit with the ability to temporarily take over an enemy unit under a certain category.  Like for 1 round this unit will take over as many enemy units of a certain type (ammunition, energy, scatter, etc) and use it against them.  This could make a quick change in who has the advantage.  Possibly like, after the unit uses the troop he gets destroyed but the enemy troops that return back only have half their normal stats (to make it fair since the troop that takes over enemy troops would be a one time use kind of thing.

And I still think putting an in game clock in some area of the screen would make it much easier for people to plan.  Instead of trying to figure out what 8:00 central time would be in japan or europe or some random location.   If an in game clock were added it would also be easier to plan for when the space ships in the storm of core get reset as well.  Japan doesn't reset clocks like in the US so like as soon as daylights savings time hits we have to figure out the time again and adjust.  An in game clock would make things easier to plan
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