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I think it'd be nice to add a new form of unit to both sides along with 2 new research or maybe tier ...
mathious Post at 2010-8-12 06:28

    Their not all the same on the servers though.  Like it's as if their not linked.
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make it so you can send more than one of your own heroes at a time on an attack
doblefilo edit: u just named idea nÂș 20 my anger increases!


I think there should only be a couple servers with changes so u can't get to strong or u have diminishing returns from having to much res or troops.. like:

Maybe Double or Triple oil consumption for having over 1500 troops

Maybe half res output after XX amount is stocked up..

Stuff like that..


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My biggest wish at the moment I think must be to make the game remember your chat settings!!! -I have lost count of how many times I've logged on, seen some tribe chat and replied, only to find my reply on the world chat instead of tribe chat! This is not only frustrating and sometimes embarrassing, its also totally unnecessary. Should be able to implement that pretty easily with little to no server traffic effect?!


Quick browsed the 1st page of this and didn't see this suggestion ( IE: tl;dr ), but:

How about a way to exchange gear from drops etc for a piece of gear of equal level. I'm sure everyone has an abundance of sensors for instance, and might need an armor piece. Being able to swap these would be a 'nice to have' option.

A trash can would also be good too. That way I can get rid of the 42 weight/1% core V I got that pretty much was a waste of $1.80 worth of meteor ( and money )...


What about being able to transport res to tribe mates? This is the first game ive played where you cant give spare res to your fellow tribe members.


i would like the pics on the avatars fix!WHEN IS THIS THE WAR OF THE SCHOOL CHILDREN! Also fix the hero pics!This is a transformers game and we all know it so why not fix the pic to go along with the name


I think you should add more heros period  gv3s gv4s gv5s and gv6s i understand it will take time but if u open new server plz try to have more heros to choose from Here is a list of heros you could choose from some you already have but i would like to see blast off the space shuttle gv5


Ohh also fix the custom avatar pic.The pic thing is pointless when u have vip


I feel some of these sentences are still to broad but they are good ideas for this game.
# fix decepticons short supply of "left arm renowned heroes"(alive/killed)

# exchange system of meteors----->blue giants----->purple giants(alive/killed) (i would like to see this happen)

# the possibility to heal a certain amount of damaged units not just all or nothing cure button, why we wouldn't be able to heal a few while leaving the rest to wait until more resources are generated/arrive(alive/killed) (I agree with this because i have seen thousands of troops go to waste.)

# implement particles segments(+2,+3.+4) drops(alive/killed)???

# a market for either selling the items(boosters, cease fire,vehicles,etc) we get for tokens to npc and/or among players buying with either matrix/tokens/resources(alive/killed) (yup to much junk in the sack)

# a market for selling among players/npc hero equipment either getting from npc tokens/resources or among players like an auction(alive/killed)

# make all auctions available for pure tokens or add it as an option with a restriction like pure token auctions only get a % of the sold price

# while matrix would work like actual auction(i.e. you get 100% of the sold price but in tokens)(alive/killed)

# auction available for tokens(alive/killed) (i agree and the same should go with the store supplies)

# add human faction(alive/killed) (by human faction what do you mean really?)

# Reworked defense structures ( they almost useless as they are now. Improve their strength, remove oil consumption, or anything else( maybe make them have a bigger research bonuses)) or like:
New defense structure - shield generator. (0 attack, significant defense, no oil maintenance)(alive/killed)

# More decepticon unit achievements (decepticons have less ranged units and destroyers only have 1 tier so they have less total achievements than autobots)(alive/killed) (also for tier4 there are still many to be made for the rest of the versions).
# Active NPC on map (so they will actually loot people, produce resources, can be looted in turn and can level up depending of the resources amassed or downgraded after a big hits). This probably will make game more interesting on the deserted servers.(alive/killed)

# stronger/smarter NPC attacks to player bases, ppl is tired of being attacked by 3 units(alive/killed) (lol i agree)

# give help articles a "share" button (alive/killed) (nah this may turn to spamming)

# Sound for beeping clan members who are online but not responding and A sound effect for being under attack.

# make the 100 fee tokens of sharing a hero code, give some tokens to sharer(alive/killed) (i agree like a 10% or something)

# joint-attack with yourself and make an instance team with yourself (alive/killed)

# More powerful resource spots, lvl 10 resource spot brings only 158 units and the hero only gets 652 exp. Have to do 5 spots to level up a lvl 3 hero but a lvl 3 hero cant do a lvl 10 spot.

# It would be better if exp was based on the battle not where the battle takes place. Expedition, resource spot, pvp and npc should give about the same exp (make it based on the fight not the location)

# Make Exp based on how challenging a fight was.

# Fix robot stats on battle reports to include tech bonus. (it would be better if you could replay the motion between the battles as well)

# open multiple chest doesn't say what was in there

# tribe > manage > authority to vague

# zero missing from war chat time indication (this i would love for chaos war since i miss out sometimes)

# improve "invite new players" feature, documentation and rewards

# show the players Reputation while in the arena tab(alive/killed) Yes!!!

# redo the combat system so that a mixed army of ranged and melee troops work more realistically. Perhaps melee units can be more likely to take hits in the melee round of combat as they protect ranged units a bit. Would be better than the current system, which is "the enemy army is a giant dartboard and we shoot at it blindly"(alive/killed)

# tier IV units and a new kind of unit with stats not so important. they have a special effect: negate and return certain type of damage and then they die or something to balance this new idea of a certain attack nulification and then returns the nulificated damage to the source(alive/killed)

# implement chat setting remembered, after a login you are yet in the same chat channel that you where before disconecting
example: i am in alliance channel, i logout then i login and i am yet in the alliance channel(alive/killed


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