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Reporting Bugs

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95% of bugs you experience are not specific just to your account, chances are if you experience them, everyone else is experiencing them too.

For this reason, before coming up with a bright idea to post your own brand new shiny bug report so that the game admin can give you a gold star, please check for previous posts regarding the same issue, more than likely there will be a report of the same issue. If you feel you need to say something, then reply to that thread, don't create a new one.

Only create a new post if it is a new bug which is previously unreported.

Constantly creating new bug reports about the same issue won't get things fixed any sooner. In fact, you could be slowing things up (if that's possible) by reporting a known issue again.

Additionally, if you have a bug to report, there is no use just saying you have found a bug (Congratulations! So have I!). You need to note your ingame name and your co-ordinates. Any additional information will also help.

If you do not supply this information, don't expect the developers to do anything about your problems.

(Yes, this is the same post as what I places in WWII Warfare but it is for the benefit of anyone new)


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imali bulgari


Title Bug the icon for claiming the War Leader bonus cannot be claimed because the words War Leader are too large
and have shifted the icon down one line to under the Legion icon and it cannot be clicked

please can this be fixed



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I have upgraded my defence work to lv 12 and it completed.  But it shows the upgrade hammer on top of the place n still shows it as level 11.
This happened in Closed Data.


Hi GM, I've send troops to support but never come back even there is no fight. Pls help.


just a note.. i'am really confortable giving the info u requested and i note that this guy didn't and still got a responce so what gives !


yeah thats wise and acceptable ,but i hope support will look for bugs and fix it because this is a great game for real.


What's the use of reporting bugs. The devs never do anything about it anyway. They just collect your money while they screw you over. Boycotting them by not spending money until they listen and address our concerns!!


I submitted a ticket via the service centre on 10th January and it hasn't been responded to. Is it laziness? Is it because they don't care? Or are they just screwing people over by taking the money and running?


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