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General Forum Rules -- New Members please see here!

※ General Forum Rules ※

1.The Newest Announcement
Our forum has just been open, there will be some attractive feedback activities. Please see the reference posts in each forum.

If you have some problems and questions about this forum, please a new thread in the Forum Office.

2. Rules of Forum Office
A. The title must be clear and have a general idea of your post content.
B. If you are complaining others, please give out the related links or the screenshots.
C. Chating, abusing and quarreling is forbidden in this forum.
D. Here we only deal with the affairs about the forum, if you want to ask questions about games, please post your thread in the game forum.
E. If you don’t want others to see your complaining, you can set the R.P. as high as possible or directly send a message to the administrator.
F. If you are complaining a member, it will be handled by the related moderator. And if you are complaining a moderator, it will be handled by the super moderator or the administrator.
G. In order to save time, if you see there is a violation, please contact with the related moderator or a super moderator firstly.

3. Forum Rules

1. General Principles
This forum is a part of website: WWW.PLAYCOMET.COM. It is the PLAYCOMET website that to do the plan of forum system maintainence, program modification and forum developing.

2. Rules of Post Threads
Forum members have the freedom of opinion. The speech related to discrimination of races, color, gender, religion, national, regional, social economic condition is forbidden. Any member cannot publish the words of calumniating others. In addition, the views of promoting  pornography, obscenity, cult, violence, superstition and instigated crime are not allowed. And the thread of unconcerned with the forum cannot be posted.

3. Rights and Obligations of Forum Members
a. Members should pay attention to the notices and annoucements often, to know the new activities.
b. Members should get to know and obey the forum rules and principals.
c. Members can post threads to show their opinions and ideas.
d. According to the application process, members can ask for becoming a moderator.
e. Members have the right of complaining a moderator.

4. Punishment
a. Members should not use plugins to post threads automatically.
b. Members should not make use of bugs to do anyting.
c. Members could not use another ID of their own to rate themselves.
d. Any behaviour which will influence the harmony of the forum is forbidden.
e. If a member has violated one of the above, forum have the right of banning ID or IP.

5. The Copyright Notice
The articles or pictures that the members published can only represent the authors’ point of view and have nothing to do with the forum. Forum has the right of making the articles and pictures use for other purposes, such as the main website, electrical magazine, etc. The author has the copyright of his/her articles or pictures.

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